Financial Advisory Services

IIPN is a United States and Asia based consulting firm experienced in start-up and corporate advisory, divestment, and consulting for private and public companies. We provide a full range of Executive-level, value added advisory services. Corporate & Financial Advisory, Structured Finance, Business Consulting, Licensing and Executive and Team mentorship.

Areas of Consultation

Corporate and Finance, Project Finance, Financing, Fundraising, Capital Markets, Financial Structuring (Debt and Equity Structuring), Financial Advisory, Investment Banking and Investment Advisory, Financial Modeling, Financial Analysis, Capital Structure calibration and optimization, Financing Structure, Company valuation, Investment Return Analysis, Deal execution and negotiation, Investment Banking, Financing & Fundraising, and Mergers & Acquisitions

Engagement and Review Process

Financial / Feasibility Analysis

Project development, pre-feasibility analysis with base technical and economic analysis to determine whether or not the planned investment ideas are feasible;

Evaluate investments within emerging economies;

Identify and evaluate the capability of the organization to generate funds needed to complete projects;

Evaluate project viability considering the cycle and complexity of financial structure;

Financial Analysis, clients: Interview prospective clients to determine financial status and objectives, discussing financial options and developing financial plans and investment strategies;

Debt Pricing, Cost of Equity and Weighted Average Cost of Capital;

Profitability, Financial and Operating metrics and ratios;

Analyze Investors’ Returns and Disbursements: Return on investment (ROI), Net Present Value (NPV),

Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Payback Period;

Economic appraisal: Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) and Value for Money (VfM);

Pull key leaders together to stack rank and prioritize financial goals.


Setting financial objectives and developing and implementing strategies for achieving the financial objectives;

Financial Projections & Capital structure analysis and calibration;

Project Capex and Cost Estimation;

Financial structuring: Financing packages & fundraising considerations;

Return On Investment analysis;

Risk Assessment and Management;

Methodology for revenue build-up: Framework for generating revenues, identifying revenue sources to pursue, what value to offer, how to price the value, and payment for the value;

List general practices for how investments return will be distributed, assuming different business scenarios;

Financial feasibility study and Financial Models that might include start-up capital requirements;

Brainstorm with key leaders and teams the future desired investment strategies / goals;

Produce a rough-cut estimate of the work effort.


Set strategic direction and positioning;

Building of financial projections including all standard financial statements: Income Statement (P&L), Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement;

Effectiveness of the new mechanisms demonstrated through improved efficiency of budget execution and measurable improvement in delivery of selected services;

Lay out a timeline with resources required and milestones;

Produce a transition plan identifying resources, investment, de-investment, and milestones.


Develop Financial Mechanisms and Investment Frameworks to support infrastructure investment;

Providing quality, pre-financing assessment analytical tools and capital investment analysis;

Produce a high-level communication around the Action Plan;

Communicate initiatives across organization;

Identify/quantify the economic values gained from the associated value chain.

Execute & Iterate – Ongoing

Monitor and control the success of the financial initiatives.

FREE Initial Phone Consultation

1-to-1 sessions are structured around a free 20-minute consult, followed by a longer, paid consultation. An initial 20-minute consultation means there is zero risk on your part.

The first consult will be to understand your company, goals and challenges. We will be able to evaluate if we want to work together by the end of our first consultation. The first consultation will be scheduled via Zoom or Skype.

Hourly Consultation Rates

1 x 1-hour session: 180 MYR
2 x 1-hour sessions: 5% discount
4 x 1-hour sessions: 10% discount
6 x 1-hour sessions: 20% discount

Technical Consulting

Session Packages (discounts apply)

Payment for Hourly Session Packages (discounts apply):

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Monthly Consultations

Payments for private consultations are due three (3) days before the consultation of each set of four. Additionally, payment is required before proceeding with each new consultation set. Monthly consultations included 4-hours per week onsite or offsite and 4-hours of phone on-demand consultation.

Monthly Technical Consulting

Recurring Monthly Payment (cancel at any time). Notes:

Ongoing monthly, billed in advance, cancel at any time:
1 Payment every month

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Additional Services

IIPN can provide executive-level consulting in Marketing and Technology.

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