We provide a pro-active, in-depth review of your firms marketing current state, resources, areas to develop, engagement goals, and an action plan including a High-level Systems Inventory, Team Skills Inventory, System Health, and Team Health.

Areas of Consultation

Business & Marketing Case-Writing / Solutions; Integrated Marketing Management Services, Digital Marketing, Brand Strategy, Customer Relationship Management, Evaluate Pricing, Sales and Channel effectiveness, Content Writing, Executive-level and Team Mentorship.

Marketing and Engagement Audit

Analyze markets, customers, competitors, your company, and complementors;

Understand critical marketing activities already in place and recommend adaptations;

Identify new revenue streams by expanding value proposition to customers;

Work with team to determine deliverables, programs and strategies;

Prioritize actionable marketing plans according to business goals;


Alignment of marketing strategy within your business & your goals;

Audit the role of digital marketing strategy and align traditional and digital marketing strategy with key leaders and teams the future desired marketing strategies / goals;

Pull key leaders together to align firm capabilities and stack rank and prioritize the goals;

Use Business & Marketing Cases to help staff change, transition, transform

Set Milestones

Communicate strategic marketing initiatives across organization;

Build a pipeline of small, measurable goals working in parallel to support long-term goals;

Lay out a timeline with resources required and milestones;

Design implementation programs for delivery of achievements or improvements

Produce a transition plan identifying resources, investment, de-investment, and milestones;


Produce a high-level communication around the action plan;

Get final sign-off from key leaders and team members;

Execute & Iterate (ongoing)

Weekly check-in to review metrics and revisit target product goal or company milestones;

Monitor and control the success of the marketing initiatives;

Establish new goals

Free Initial Phone Consultation

We structure our 1-to-1 sessions around a free 20-minute consult, followed by a longer, paid consultation. An initial 20-minute consultation means there is zero risk on your part.

The first consult will be to understand your company, goals and challenges. We will be able to evaluate if we want to work together by the end of our first consultation. The first consultation will be scheduled via Zoom or Skype.

Hourly sessions

1 x 1-hour session: 180 MYR
2 x 1-hour sessions: 5% discount
4 x 1-hour sessions: 10% discount
6 x 1-hour sessions: 20% discount

Technical Consulting

Session Packages (discounts apply)

Payment for Hourly Session Packages (discounts apply):

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Monthly Consultations – Ongoing

Payments for private consultations are due three (3) days before the consultation of each set of four. Additionally, payment is required before proceeding with each new consultation set. Monthly sessions include 4-hours week onsite or offsite, 4-hours of phone on-demand consultation.

Monthly Technical Consulting

Recurring Monthly Payment (cancel at any time). Notes:

Ongoing monthly, billed in advance, cancel at any time:
1 Payment every month

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