Leverage our Local Leadership Team with an International Perspective

Drawing upon skills from Asia, the UK, and the United States with support from technology professionals across Southeast Asia, we provide the international knowledge and experience with “Boots on the ground” to guide management and investments opportunities for localized Asian Markets.

Andrew Michalik

Andrew MichalikAndrew Michalik has over 20 years of IT consulting experience working with top-tier corporations on large project remediation and complex global project management across North & South America, Asia, Africa and European markets. Andrew has a MSc in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science from the University of Southern California and a BSc from Rutgers University in New Jersey. He is a certified Scrum Master and AWS Technical Professional / AWS Business Professional.

Andrew specializes in Cloud SaaS (cloud architectures, deployment models, business and infrastructure processes for private, public and hybrid cloud architecture design and implementation), eCommerce (multiple-regions global deployment), Advertising, Infrastructure (scalable infrastructure architecture, operations management).

Mohsin Hayat

Moshin HayatMohsin Hayat has worked in capital markets across Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, Pakistan, and London. Mohsin is entrepreneur and investor and has been a business advisor to start-ups and businesses in Asia-Pacific and worked with new-media start-ups on strategic alliances across 45 countries. Mohsin brings 20 years of expertise in capital management, investment management, and international finance to contribute to businesses in both emerging markets and international finance hubs.

Mohsin is a graduate from Stony Brook, New York with a technical background in investment banking, venture capital, SMEs, and real asset management.

Shamza Khan

Shamza KhanShamza Khan is consultant, entrepreneur and published business marketing author with a diverse market and cultural experience that includes Lehman Brother’s in London, the US government, and IESE. Shamza has grown small businesses and scaled with projects in excess of $200 million USD. Shamza Khan earned her Masters in International Finance & International Marketing from Columbia University.

Wajih Ghauri

Wajih GhauriWajih Ghauri specializes in obtaining funding based on a sound business strategy and stellar financial models. As a founding member of one of the top ten Start Ups of South Asia as featured in Forbes, Wajih understands the contemporary full start up cycle through to success. Wajih works with startups to analyze market trends, industry analysis, SWOT, pricing strategy, marketing strategy and business environment to predict revenue and expense drivers. He helps companies focus business strategy through cash flow statements, ratio analysis, competition analysis, income statements, balance sheets, company profiles and project details. Mr. Ghauri earned his MBA in Finance from Victoria University in Australia.

Barbara de Briere

Barbara de BriereBarbara has consulted with boutique firms and Fortune 100 individuals to create their digital presence from conception. As a SAG actor and fine artist with experience in Design & Development, Digital Marketing, plus Film & TV Production, Barbara provides the wide range of necessary skills to create a successful Digital Presence.

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